Crash Kurs in e-learning Theorie

Sehr gute, vor allem praxisnahe Aufbereitung wissenschaftlicher ERgebnisse zum Thema Design von e-learning.
Vor allem für Laien zu empfehlen.

Zusammenfassung der Tipps:

  • Talk to the brain first, mind second
  • Learning is not a one-way „push“ model.
  • Provide a meaningful benefit for each topic, in the form of „why you should care about this“ scenario
  • Use visuals!
  • Use redundancy to increase understanding and retention.
  • Maintain interest with variety and surprise.
  • Use conversational language.
  • Use mistakes, failures, and counter-intuitive WTF?
  • Use the filmaker (and novelist) principle of SHOW-don’t-TELL.
  • Use „chunking“ to reduce cognitive overhead.
  • Since stress/anxiety can reduce focus and memory, do everything possible to make the learner feel relaxed and confident
  • Use seduction, charm, mystery to build curiosity.
  • Use a spiral model to keep users engaged.
  • Don’t rob the learner of the opportunity to think!
  • Use the 80/20 principle to reduce cognitive overload.
  • Context matters.
  • Emotion matters!
  • Never underestimate the power of FUN to keep people engaged.
  • Use stories.
  • Use pacing and vary the parts of the brain you’re exercising.
  • Remember, it’s never about you. It’s about how the learner feels about himself as a result of the learning experience

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